User generated content - Can you track which user submits a post to CMS through Zapier & Memberstack

Been doing a lot of research to try and solve a deployment issue we are facing with our webflow site.

We use memberstack for registration & restrict content areas. That is working.

Next we want these users to submit user generated content, which is not easily done.

The only path I have found so far is send form submission through zapier and into the CMS database. There is also a complication that we want to allow a single image upload. It looks like we have to upgrade our current plan in order to enable that. There was also mention of issues with that but it appeared solvable/fixed at some point.

I need to link the user submitting content to the CMS entry. From there, display the username under the post & associate the posts created with that user.

Is this possible using currently available workflows?

Hello @insight

My name is Robert and I work for Memberstack. It’s very possible that you’ve already come up with some of these answers but I wanted to chime in just in case you were still wondering or for anyone else who comes across this post.

I’ve actually worked on a site myself with a very similar challenge and was able to come up with a solution using Memberstack connected to a Airtable database using Zapier. I can go over my thinking about this and potentially discuss what you’ve found to work.

In summary, what I found to work was creating a Webflow ID (based on its existence within the Webflow CMS) that was both linked to a Memberstack ID and to an entry in the content CMS database. I then controlled member submission through a custom form. Here is a quick overview of how this works, but you’ll essentially need to include thedata-ms-member="id" attribute to the top of the form using an HTML embed (another premium feature). This will then get be included in the form submission (as will any other information that is included). You are also correct about the image upload feature being restricted to high Webflow membership tiers (sadly, there is no good way around this).

With that form submission, you can build a Zap (on new form submission) into a spreadsheet software (I used Airtable) that’ll include all of the user submitted data as well as their member-id. On Airtable, I had a separate database containing the member-IDs and associated user information (name, email, etc.). from there, you can use a LOOKUP() field in Airtable to link that submission to the existing user profile.

From there, I had another Zap that would push that data from Airtable into a separate CMS database (“User-Linked Submitted Content”) that could then be displayed on the site.

This solution was good for me because it let me keep track of what was submitted (and by who) and provided a pretty good solution for what I was trying to do.

Again, you might have already come up with a solution to this. I’d be curious how it differs from my own. In any case, if you have any question about Memberstack or any of what I discussed, feel free to reach out. Also, we’re in the process of releasing Memberstack 2.0 right now, so if you’d like a link to the early access version of it, just let me know.

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