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Connecting Webflow & Memberstack

I’m looking to use Memberstack and link it to my project in Webflow. All I need is for members to be able to login, sign up and access member only pages.

Do I need to link my Memberstack member database with a CMS collection in Webflow? (I’ve seen tutorials where they use Zappier etc, but that seems to be in instances where they have a member dashboard, which I will not need).

I am nearing my limit of 10,000 items for my CMS collections already so cannot afford, space wise, to have my members in a CMS collection.

Help and suggestions welcome thank you!

Why not ask this Memberstack question at their forum?

Thought it was a little more Webflow focused, but I’ve asked the question on their forum too. :slight_smile:

From that video it doesn’t seem like they need to link to a collection so that’s great, thank you!