How can users make posts?

I have a simple question! Currently, I have a “people” CMS category and “art” CMS category. “Art” references “People” (to reference the artist), and the front facing page for a person contains a list of the art that person has made.

I have two quick questions:

  1. Is there an easy way using Airtable/Zapier for people to submit their art and reference themself in the “people” CMS reference without messing with other peoples’ stuff? Currently when I make a form, it shows all people and I want them to only be able to add to their own page.

  2. Is there a way also using Airtable/Zapier for people to submit multiple pieces of art on the same form? For example, submitting three pieces of art in one form?


Regarding #1 - Possible, yes. “Easy” depends on your level of comfort with javascript and automations.

I’d use;

  • Webflow Memberships BETA
  • Sygnal’s Logged-In User Info library for Memberships BETA
  • A form for collecting your upload info, and the library to populate the current user’s ID
  • Automations ( probably or n8n ) for the Airtable work

I’m assuming you have your process sorted for pulling data from Airtable and displaying it in your page.

Hi there…

If you use Memberstack it’s totally doable.

I have a series of screencasts that walk you through how to create blog comments.

  1. Logged in users can create comments.
  2. Logged in users who created a comment, can edit the same comment.
  3. Logged in users can view all comments, but only edit their own comments.
  4. Logged out users can view all comments, but not create or edit any comment.

Here’s the most interesting one, dig around for the others:

Hope that helps!