Member Submits a Live CMS item and how to update it?

Hello! Pretty new to Zapier and Integrations for Webflow in general.

I’m building a site in which a member, currently trying MemberStack, can create an account then have access to a form they can fill out that will create a CMS Item. That’s all fine and dandy, but my main issue is when they want to UPDATE said CMS Item(s) that they created in particular. Any ideas on how I can make it so a user can only update the CMS item(s) they have created?

Hey @chrisl I’d recommend posting this on the MemberStack community forum or using their help center. Cheers.

Hello @chrisl

I know this post is from a few months ago and I’d be curious to know if you came up with some solution that works already, but I work with the Memberstack team and wanted to offer a potential solution for anyone with a similar issue.

At a high level, it seems like what you were trying to do is to created a gated form that creates a particular CMS item. Then you want to make it so that this user is able to go back and change the data contained only in that specific CMS item that they created.

To tackle the first portion of this, I’d recommend using something like Airtable as the backend of this process. It stores a lot of different kinds of data and will let you build new functionality on top of Webflow. I’d use Zapier to automatically push new submissions from Weblfow into Airtable and then back into a Webflow CMS collection.

As an aside, I’d also recommend automatically submitting the Memberstack ID with those documents. Here is a quick overview of how this works, but you’ll essentially need to include thedata-ms-member="id" attribute to the top of the form using an HTML embed (a premium feature). This will then get be included in the form submission (as will any other information that is included). This should let you associate submitted information to the relevant user. As a heads up, if you only want the user to be able to do this ONE time, you might need to build in other restrictions. Let me know if you want me to look into that.

As for the second part, Zapier does provide a Zap that’ll update a CMS collection item. The best way to do this would probably be to treat it likke a dashboard. Here is a good tutorial on how to do this. Once you have the user data specified, you should be able to include those CMS items on the dashboard. To make those items editable by the user, I’d follow this tutorial from NoCodeQuest. I’ve used it in one of my own projects and it served me well.

Kind of a long post – if you’ve already come up with another solution I’d be curious to learn more!