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Recently, I’d create a CMS collection, named “lexique”, which has “site/lexique” like URL, automatically, a CMS Page has been created, with the URL “site name/lexique/item”.

Moreover, I have created a static page, which is the Home page of the Lexique one, with all the words, which could be clickable.
This page URL is “site internet/lexique”

But when I go on staging, the link to the Home page doesnt works, and I have a 404 page.

Is it possible to have a static page and a dynamic page with the same URL ?

Thank you

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Its is, yes. The common one is for a blog…

  • example.webflow.io/blog (static page listing all blog posts)
  • example.webflow.io/blog/how-to-webflow (CMS template page)

I was having a difficult time following your ask, but is what I’ve outlined above what you’re looking to do?

Ok thanks for your answer.
I’ve created a lexique CMS page, actually :

But when I published website on staging, the link to the Static page is on 404 error, and the URL in the search bar automatically became : site.io/lexique-biss
But this URL doesn’t exist on my website.

I’ve checked, there is no fake redirection in my site, so I don’t understand why the URL changes.

Do you have an idea to explain that, and how to correct it ?

Maxime, what are the actual URLs to your published site?