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Will the CMS link to a page or section in the actual website that is being built

CMS Functions
I want to Link to a static page with the CMS is it possible…

Im very confused what the CMS will do

Thanks in Advance.

Yes in many ways.

Within a dynamic (CMS) item (post), you can add links to static pages:

  • by adding a link field where you’ll put your link
  • by defining a link inside of a paragraph field
  • by defining a link inside of a Rich Text field
  • by defining a link within the collection template

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But I didn’t really understood your question maybe…

I answered for “How to link to a static page from the content of a CMS POST

But maybe you were asking bout “How to have a list of CMS post and one post would link to a static page instead of a CMS post”. In that case there’s also a solution. Please tell me if that’s what you were meaning.

Hi Vincent,

That is exactly what im after. Could you please let me know how to link a CMS collection page with a static page?

Many thanks,
Stelios K

Create a URL field in your collection. And only place there the url of a static page when you want the collection list item to link to this static page instead of linking to the item/post page.

Now, in your Collection List Item, place 2 links. Set the first link to the “Current item” CMS setting, and link the other to the static page url field.

Use Conditional visibility to hide one or the other. For the first, set this rule: Visible when the URL field is not set. For the second link, set this rule: Visible when the URL field is set.

Now you’ll have the normal link behaviour when you don’t add a static page url, and the link to the static page as soon as you set one. And there will only be one or the other option.

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Good morning vincent,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I have tried your suggestions but im kindly of lost on point 3. My collection list item has other things underneath it. so the condition will not work… is there a way for me to give you access to my site so you can see what i mean? really appreciate your help as im new to webflow and im trying to migrate all my Squarespace client websites to Webflow.

Many thanks,

Of course Stelios.

Close to the publish button, there’s a Share Read Only link to your site, that’s what you need to give me access. come back here with the link.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. This is the last issue we have before launching our website. Please see link below:

this is my skype account name: sopranoy and my google meeting email is: if its easier and quicker for me to show u exactly what is wrong with linking pages.

Basically, the page that im trying to link with the CMS collection is the Hospitality page and i would like to link the Hotel List CMS collection to each individual hotel static page.

Thanking you in advance.
Stelios K

Thanks. I’m on it. Back soon.

I don’t see where you tried my advices. I inspected the Hotels collection and there is no link field for the static page inside of it. there should be a URL field for you to enter the static link of the hotel page.

Start by adding such a field, and then collect all the static urls of the static pages and fill the collection items with them.

Simple question: you want ALL the collection item to link to their relevant static hotel page? Like there’s none of them that should link to their CMS page?

HI i will try again i might have understood wrong. Yes all the hotel list collection item should link to their relevant static pages. Basically if you navigate to the main hospitality page where you can see all the hotels (the grid is linked to the CMS collection: Hotel List so that the images and text can be displayed) they should then be clickable and redirected to their static pages.

HI Vincent,

i managed to get it working but for some reason it opens on another page when i click on a specific hotel although the option open in new tab is not ticked on. Any suggestions? Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 14.40.04

It is because you do it from Preview in the Designer, don’t you?

The Designer Preview will treat any external link as open in blank to prevent you to log out of it.

I know it’s a link in your site, but as it’s a complete static link, Webflow treats it as external to the Designer domain.

Hi Vincent,

Understood, it works fine if you check the website on a normal browser.
Thank you so much for your help. I really really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day.

Many thanks,
Stelios Kyriakides

Great Stelios!

So everything works now and you’re good to go with your launch?

There is a way, for another time, to make this work without using a ULR field that you have to fill, but to use a custom code embed element to build the url using the name of the collection items. It’s a bit more technical so I haven’t mentioned it as you don’t have too many collections items and I felt that you could fill the url for each :slight_smile:

HI Vincent,

Yes all good to go again thank you so much. Last amendments and we ready for the launch. is there a blog post for me to read about this? the next website i have to transfer for a client who is currently using wordpress is 110 pages.

Sorry I must has missed something… about what topic exactly?

Haha, well you need to read about that specific task, of exporting posts from WP and importing them into Webflow. Also about how to add 301 redirects in bulk using wildcards.