URL structure of the CMS collections and pages


We have a website where we want to place regular pages and CMS collection pages under the same folder.

The structure of the URLs will look like this:
site/ai-for-real-estate/property-descriptions (website page)
site/ai-for-real-estate/blog-topic (CMS collection page)

Ideally, both website pages and blog pages will go under the folder /ai-for-real-estate.

But apparently, the CMS collection can’t have the same URL as the folder URL. So I had to name it resources-for-real-estate and place it under the ai-for-real-estate folder. Ideally, though, I would not want this in the URL.

I also tried to put all the website pages under the CMS collection, but that would require two page templates which I can do by adjusting the visibility of certain elements, but I am worried about duplicate content for the SEO.

I would appreciate your advice on this. Currently, I am thinking this URL structure is not possible.

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That’s correct, it’s not possible natively.

A given CMS collection needs to know that it can assign any slug at all to any CMS item it owns, as long as it’s not a duplicate. The CMS doesn’t know anything at all about your static site, so it cannot protect against conflicts between the cms item slugs and you page slugs.

You can accomplish aspects of this with redirects and script, depending on what you’re trying to do- but the only way to actually put them at the same path is using a reverse proxy setup.

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