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Help to customize links in Dynamic CMS

Hello everybody,

I am moving my current website on webflow. I am well ranked in some keywords with specific pages.

I’m using the dynamic CMS to add my articles and I’m afraid to lose all my SEO traffic as my urls will change.
The dynamic CMS doesn’t allow me to change the category name in the url based on the article.
For instance, my current urls are based like this :

I cannot create a CMS for each city as I have more than 30, what would be the solution to have the correct urls or not lose my SEO juice ?

Thanks a lot

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I spent about a billion hours on this so I thought I’d help out.


Over 300 cities so far. Instead of me adding, I just wait for someone to give me their city and then I update the list. State01 and 02 help organize the cities.

Thanks for your reply,

But sorry, I don’t see a clear link to my question. Could you please elaborate your reply :slight_smile: ?

Thanks in advance for your help