How to make your dynamic pages multilingual under the same directory

I’m currently duplicating the pages of the website to make it multilingual
but I came across a blocker regarding the cms/dynamic pages
For the static pages I’m able to create a folder, for example named “fr” and put all the newly french translated page inside the folder so the url will become

but for the cms pages, there’s no folders (As far as I know)
So I want the cms pages to also be preceded by “fr”
when I try to name the cms collection url for example “fr/news”, it changes back to “fr-news” and the url becomes, which is not the desired behavior

You can’t nest collection slugs. You get one.

Is there any other way possible to make the dynamic pages follow a specific url syntax for different languages?
without using an automatic translation extension such as weglot

Reverse proxies are the only other method that comes to mind when Webflow is your chosen CMS. You could also explore using another headless solution using a remote API and JavaScript. If you have a budget to solve this problem feel free to reach out.