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URL section doesn't exist

Hi guys, hope you are doing well !

Here is my company project read only link :

On the page “Clients”, which regroup clients logo / text testimonial / video testimonial we also put some use cases of our solution. Those uses cases are made as a CMS collection.

The problem is that when you navigate threw this page and click on a use case the URL is built like this :

The “use-cases” section in the url is not a page and so create some SEO trouble, its like webflow added an useless part in the url because the uses cases are build as a CMS Collection.

How can I change this in order to doesn’t create this part of the url ? With this problem, our page structure is not very efficient.

I hope i’ve been clear in my explications :confused:

Thank’s for the help

All collections have a unique slug. All collection items in a collection will have the collection slug as part of the final URL. There is no option for further control.

Ok I understand ! Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: