URGENT: Still having issues with custom domain


Can anyone please help?

I have set up a custom domain under hosting for my domain both with and without www.

Both domains are showing as being ‘Connected’ however my website still isn’t working for the www. version.

I’ve added both A records under my domain’s DNS records and the CNAME www is set as proxy.webflow.com.

I have recently moved my domain away from GANDI to Google Domains and Google said everything looks set up right but it could just be propagating, as it’s also ‘Connected’ in Webflow I assume it’s set up OK.

I’m concerned about having the website down for too long as it’s a company website and the owner is going crazy regarding it being off at the moment.

Can anyone advise if I’ve missed anything or is it a case of letting it propagate?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry I meant to put my domain is:




It’s working for me !?

Hi zbrah,

It seems to be working for some people and not others. I think it must be a propagating issue, it’s just really difficult to explain that.

Will wait it out and see how it goes.


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Yes i understand…
DNS should be 24h propagating

Hey @LukeSvarc,

It’s definitely related to propagating, I faced the same issue after enabling SSL on my sites. It’s a waiting game but totally worth it in the end.

Seems to be working now. Nice website too!

All the best,

Thanks - yep, seems to have propagated now.

What a stressful 24 hours haha, thanks for the compliment on the site!


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