Domain connected but still not working

My registrar is GoDaddy and my website was up and working but now it’s down.

^what I see when I go to my site and it states that it has been redirected too many times.

I’d love some help on this - currently a nominee on Awwwards and seemingly no one can access it.

Really appreciate any advice!

Hey @theillustratrice

Looks like you have enabled SSL, but not set it correctly in GoDaddy.

Here are the instructions:

Hey @Anna_Kelian

I had enabled it but due to some complications and needing to bring on some third party support I disabled it.

I just double checked and it says disabled??

Might it have something to do with “publish images using SSL CDN” towards the bottom of the hosting page?

No, it doesn’t.

When did you disable it? It may take up to 48 hours before changes are successfully made.

Do you see any errors are your website’s hosting settings page?


I turned it off around 7-8 hours ago.

It’s working now, right Rachel?


Yes Anna it’s up, thanks for all your help!

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Anytime Rachel @theillustratrice

Best of luck with your Awwwards nomination.

Thank you @Anna_Kelian !

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I’m having very similar problems with my site.
Same registrar (GoDaddy), and apparently all’s fine for the main domain, but:

  • root domain linking is not working
  • site is not working…

See live site here:

And the screenshosts of the setup:

I’ve done everything according to guidelines, but must have maybe missed something… :confused:

Help please

@PasolInteractive You seem to have too many A records. Root ( is not working, but the default ( is working fine for me.

Remove those IP addresses listed in step 3:

@samliew, thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve refreshed the A Records, lets see in 24/48hrs.

Re default domain, I just realised it wasn’t working for me as AdBlock Plus was blocking the Interactions that are loading the home page content :pensive:

@samliew all is green and working well now.
FYI, solved this by keeping only the IP addresses listed in step 3: , not removing them.

Thanks for your help

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