Uploadng video to Dropbox via Webflow form

Hey, gang,

I’m trying to create a form where site users can upload their videos to a Dropbox folder. NOTE: the videos will not be hosted on this Webflow site; they will ultimately be used elsewhere. I just want to figure out how to point the video upload to a designated DropBox folder. I’m new to Webflow, so probably missing something obvious, but I checked in the Designer > Upload Button Settings as well as in Project Settings > Forms and did not see a place where I can enter a URL for a Dropbox folder.

But surely this must be possible. Any input?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK
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Have a look on Zapier, you can set a trigger for when a form is summited it uploads a file to dropbox

If you’re just looking for a rough way to receive files, Dropbox has a “file request” feature, where anyone can upload into a folder. However that would not be directly attached to any form content they submitted.

You could do something like;

  1. Present a form for the user to fill out, with their name, contact vid details, etc.
  2. Then, in the SUCCESS message, or on a redirected Thank You page, you give them the dropbox link to upload into the shared “file requests” folder.

Not elegant, but it may work.

If you want to go deeper than that, you’re looking at some form of automation to get the file into dropbox, and you’ll need Webflow’s business plan in order to use the file upload feature in forms.

In some implementations I’ve done, I found it easier to use a form hosting service like Jotform, which allows the form data and file to be collected together- and then Zapier / Make / n8n to rename the file and send it somewhere [ Dropbox, Google Drive, … ] for the team to access.

Hmmm…this gives me some food for thought. As of this writing am exploring Zapier, though as my client is a nonprofit, they might not want to incur additional costs. So I will also propose the “file request” solution you’ve suggested. You say “Not elegant, but it may work” …but then you haven’t seen their old website, the very definition of “not elegant!” :rofl:

Thanks so much for your help, Michael!