How to Upload/Stream Videos from Google Drive via Zapier/CMS

I have been trying to create a zapier with webflow where google docs or basecamp or somewhere where I upload videos is. I then connect it with webflow. All seems to work, but when I attempt to drag an embed into the dynamic list, the video option is never there. I have also tried using a video since it’s a video being pulled in and the collection type is video but still no go. Any advice? Thank you.

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Ok, I figured it out so here is the directions for creating a zap with Google Drive and Webflow to stream videos from your Google Drive folders and through your webflow site:

  1. Create the folder you want to house the video files in Google Drive and upload videos.

  2. Make sure you set share permissions to either people with link can view or everyone can view.

  3. In Zapier, make a zap with Google Drive as trigger. Select New File in folder and connect account.

  1. Navigate to your folder with your videos in it.

  2. In webflow, create a new collection and create two text fields for collection items: name and File ID.

  3. Back in Zapier, choose Webflow for the action, connect account and select site and collection.

  4. In Setup Webflow Item, under Name dropdown select the video file name and under File ID, you want to select ID.

  5. Test, name and go to dashboard to run your new Zap.

  6. Back in Webflow, on the page you want the videos, set page up as you normally would with dynamic list and select the collection you made for videos.

  7. Drag HTML embed into dynamic item and in embed type This:

Where you see the File ID - that is the File ID you select from the dropdown in the HTML embed. If you want to add name, add name under vid tag with whatever html you like such as:


The autoplay=0 ensures the videos don’t all start automatically playing.

I hope this helps you!!!


That’s great @laurelrose72, thanks so much for sharing, excellent tip!

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