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Webflow Form File Upload integration with Zapier

I have a few questions regarding using Zapier integration with Webflow and wondered whether anyone with relevant experience is able to shed some insight.

I’ve not used Zapier before and I don’t currently have a paid Webflow account (I’m still evaluating options at this stage), so I’m not able to test this directly, hence my questions but this is what I’m looking to do…


  1. Set up a form in Webflow which includes a form file upload option/button.

  2. Have the form contents (text input) and the uploaded file(s) ‘automatically’ sent to a cloud storage system, e.g. One Drive or similar.

  3. Once item 2 is complete automatically delete the content and file(s) from that form submission from the Webflow server either at the time of submission/transfer or after a set timeframe if that is an option?


  1. Can this actually be achieved and if so can it be fully automated using Zapier or is removal from the Webflow server something that can only be done manually?

  2. Is there any way to validate the process to eliminate potential loss or file corruption, as in, if the data and files are copied to a cloud server and then deleted from the Webflow server, how can I ensure the files aren’t corrupted or missing should anything go wrong or something not function correctly, other than checking each submission manually?

  3. My understanding is that files uploaded via Webflow are stored as a url in the .csv file that can be downloaded, is this url automatically updated by Zapier once the form data and physical file(s) are migrated to reflect the uploaded files’ new location on the cloud server? It would be essential to be able to link the form submission data with the associated uploaded file(s) which form part of the same form submission, e.g. profile photo with CV.

  4. With the Webflow form file upload option, is it possible to upload multiple files at the same time using a single button, e.g. if the user needs to upload/include more than one file with their form? I’m aware you can add up to 20 form file upload buttons but that is really messy.

  5. Is there a way to achieve drag and drop functionality in Webflow so the user can both drag and drop files in addition to choosing files by clicking a button, similar to this which acts as both drag and drop and a button in its own right to select files.

Any insight or better ways to achieve the above would be very welcome…

Did you ever find out if your aims can be achieved with Webflow? And, what about uploading CSV files directly into a cloud server?