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How to host files (PDF, documents) on your Webflow site with Dropbox

Hey everyone - we have plans to support file hosting natively in your hosted Webflow site, but in the meantime, here are some simple steps to host any file on your Webflow site using Dropbox Public Links:

1. Sign up for Dropbox

Go to and create a free account.

2. Upload your file and click the “Share” button

Or right click on the file if you are using the desktop client.

3. Click on Create a link

4. Copy the link to your clipboard

5. Modify and paste the URL into Webflow

By default dropbox share links will open the file in their UI. To change the behavior so it changes to a link that automatically starts a download, change the parameter at the end of the URL from dl=0 to dl=1

So it looks like this:

A quick and simple way to link to documents and files on your Webflow site!


So I assume there’s no document upload feature coming to Webflow any time soon?

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This has been a deal breaker for a couple of my clients. They feel that the Dropbox link (as opposed to a url within their own domain) looks unprofessional and I agree. When I can’t get my clients to choose Webflow as their CMS, I have to use more expensive developers as I no longer wish to do development at this point in my career. This is absolutely the most needed feature in order to fully move my clients to Webflow.


Yes, it is still a wishlist item.

EDIT: Updated wishlist URL. Vote for it here:

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