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Uploading webflow to host site gets me 404

the code files of the site i am uploading gives me error 404.
And I am sure thats all the files I got from webflow (download code option) also runs fine in browser from desktop.
host tells me files are missing.
how to resolve these errors in picbelow404_errors

i have uploaded css, js. files in the folder. I m not sure what this Mime ref is - could you look now - maybe all files had to be in folders?

The problem is with your server. 29%20AM

I got this hosted on site:
All images in place on cpanel (attached) why browser doesnt load images?

Try uploading them again individually. They are showing in list-form when I navigate directly to the images folder, but the individual images themselves don’t actually show up beyond the first one (Girlinpool.png), which leads me to believe there was some sort of failure or corruption during the upload process.

just did one by one, - still same, just wonder how many host i have to try just to upload one sad site?

It worked, brother. Try checking it on a different browser, or clearing your cache.

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yep, finally, 9 sweats it took.

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