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Images don`t appear when i upload site on private server


i just tried to upload my webflow site on my server (to test it) and the images do not appear.

I use .png, i dont know if thats the problem. I simply copied all code files included from webflow to my server.

Here`s the link:

(after a few seconds a empty image window appear)

Here`s my webflow site :

Thanks yet again,


simply add a forward slash to your code where the image is referenced.

< img class="logo " src=“images/logo_invis.png” alt="54bd456a533ed6f343eab5bf_logo_invis.png " data-ix="open-tab-drawer " >


< img class="logo " src="/images/logo_invis.png" alt="54bd456a533ed6f343eab5bf_logo_invis.png " data-ix="open-tab-drawer " >

I tired and it didn’t work.
Now i see a part of the alt numbers appear on the screen with the broken image.


Hi @Jon104, I am sorry to hear about the trouble. When I look at the published site on your server, I show multiple issues, one of them being missing images, but there are some scripting errors also, which are not normal, almost as if some files are missing during the upload to the server.

When you are exporting and uploading to your server, are you editing the files in any way after the export from Webflow?

My first suggestion would be to re-upload everything from the Webflow export to your server. Once you do that, could you let me know, so I can take another look at the errors generated on the page?

Cheers, Dave