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CSS and JS not working in uploaded site

Hoping someone can help me. I’ve create a website, uploaded all the CSS and JS codes, but they don’t seem to be working.

On my computer the web pages come up beautifully and do what I want them to, but after uploading them with CSS and JS, they just load all jumbled.

Please… any help… I’m desperate after more than a week trying to figure out why.

Hi @Muse7707, thanks a lot for your post. Could you share your sites read-only link, I am happy to take a look.

More information about read-only links:

Also, can you share the published site link, so I can see what errors are being generated on the page? I take it you are exporting from webflow, and then uploading to your own server? Cheers, Dave

Thank you cyberdave.

The published link is.

I’m not sure about the read only link. This is the first site I’ve done in, gee, 15 years. And i’m a bit lost with the where and how now. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I can’t see it.

Hi @Muse7707, thanks for your update. I took a look at the link you provided, but that site was not created in Webflow. The share link I am referring to, is the site in Webflow, see my pic:

Regarding the url you sent, it looks like that site is hosted by another service, are you wanting to host your domain in Webflow and attach it to your site, or are you trying to export the site and upload to your own server?

Cheers, Dave