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Upload to hosting provider

Hi all,

Need your help here. Actually I have designed my site using webflow and the site is ready now. I also rent hosting space on, how can I upload my design site to their server?

Thanks for your help

Look in the documentation they provide. You’re looking for an FTP access. So an FTP adress such as and login and password. Once you have that you need a program to upload, called an FTP Client. Depending if you’re on Windows or Mac you have many option. Filezilla is free and exist for all platforms.

Once you’ve exported you code from Webflow, UZIP IT in a directory and use the FTP client to upload your files in the appropriate location (read your hosting service documentation, but most likely it’s at the root or in the www/ directory).

You need to have at least a personal plan to export your code :

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your reply and I’m really appreciate it. I have uploaded all my files to my root folder, but when I browsed my site I got error 404 not found. Is there anything else that I miss?

Thank you for your help

Ok we need way more infos now (:

Normally this should be resolved by the technical support of your host company. There’s little ways I can guess what the structure of their server is.

What does your host documentation says exactly?
What is the URL you’re typing to get a 404?
What do you see when you first connect to your site’s FTP server? (folder structure, can you unfold everything and take a screenshot?)

Let’s begin with these questions. If you can chat with your hosting comany this will be more efficient too.