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Why css and js made in webflow does not loading on other free host site

I have tried to upload webflow (HTML, CSS,JS) web to free host site, somehow it just loads only HTML- anybody knows why?

@webflowuser2345 Could you also share the link of the published site? Since it’s hosted externally, we will need to see that link as well to be able to properly troubleshoot.


this is the site:
i dont see css and jss working properly. All images and files uploaded 3 times to the file manager - not sure whats up there? and mobile version totally disastrous .

Looks like your CSS and JS is working (or is loading at least) as I can open the hosted links:

But your image links are all broken. You will need to change the image path (in both HTML and CSS) to the correct directory on the server where the images are stored.


Thanks, I’ll try that now.
It worked when I created additional image folder and put images only in it. Mobile site is terrible though.

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