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Images not showing after download zip & FTP upload to my Server

Created WebFlow Site :

Site shows up great in above URL.
Want to host it on my server… so downloaded zip, unzipped, checked from desktop… all still Ok…
but when I FTP it up to my HostGator Server… all the images stop showing up and all you see is their alt tags.

Tried it on both IE & Chrome… same problem.
Here is FTP Upload Site URL:

Help !

Hi @GDEWM, thanks for your post. I would re-upload the images to your FTP server. When I look at the published site on your server, the images are pointing to your images folder

so in the “pta” directory, make sure the images folder exist and all the images from the Webflow site uploaded to that folder. When I try to pull up the image from the browser, using the url, the image is not found, thus does not show in the html page.

Sometimes uploading a few times via FTP to your server will helps, as some files may not have transferred during the FTP process. If you upload the images, and it still does not work, there might be some other server settings you need to check. Try that first, then let us know how it goes. :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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Thanks Dave
I have found the problem !
My FTP Client has an issue. (Still don’t know why… will have to chase it down)
Manually uploaded in cPanel and all is working fine.
Thanks for the help

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