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Image field in CVS into CMS?

I made my first CMS collection using the Webflow UI and it appears to have gone well >>

I then created this .cvs . . .

. . . and the result imported into the CMS

I have spent hours watching Webflow U and other (Youtube, etc) videos on what and HOW to put into that Image column in the .cvs to no avail.

Please . . .:hot_face:

It’s a fundamental aspect for Webflow as a viable ‘platform’ to keep things locked down as you’ve discovered. It’s far more useful and extensible as a design tool than as a hosting platform because they’ve done neither properly. But as a presentation layer its far better than InDesign.

If I understand what you’re asking – I think @JudoHacker answers your question in this topic

you must put the a URL for each image that is a direct, public link to the image.

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Using my first example - the one WITH the images - I exported the CMS data to a .cvs file and as shown here the image column if populated with URLs to the images stored at Webflow.

When I want to start from scratch with no data in a CMS and populate it with data from a .cvs what do I put in that images column? Obviously it needs to be an address where the image is stored. Do I have to host the images in a file/folder at a hosted domain I have access to? I can do that (I have many) but it seems like not the best way.

Thanks! Marc has AN answer. It’s one I initially thought of trying but it seems like there must be a way to keep it within Webflow. Maybe not. I’m off to give it a try and will report results here.

In order for Webflow to import the images they need to be publicly accessible to their servers.

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I used ftp to populate a folder on one of my domains. As you see in this shot when I verified, it’s a live address.

I then added the URLs to the .cvs and imported it into a brand new WF project and all seems to working fine. I haven’t added any content to a page yet - will do so in a bit (coffee time) and advise

Thanks everyone :+1:t2: :stuck_out_tongue:
With the exception of an error on my part by not mapping the images to the correct name (easy fix) it now works

I saw your domain and said to myself “how did he get that?” and realized you must have been buying back when VeriSign was the only player. Dates me. I have blogs older than WordPress…

That domain is less than a year old. I now own 6 domains and use them all for play. None are for a live site. All this learning about WF is just for the sake of learning how. I have NO real live reason for learning it. To date: 225 finished courses at LinkedIn Learning!
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