Undo button GONE? in the NEW webflow update?

so there’s a new update today, but where is the UNDO button now?

I’ve never noticed an undo button. The keyboard shortcut is generally CTRL+Z ( COMMAND+Z on Mac )

Came here to post the same thing. Undo/Redo buttons are gone. Obviously we know what ctrl+z is, but it’s nice to have the buttons as well. No reason to remove those.


It’s not gone, just hidden behind the upper-left menu toggle:

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It sounds like it was intentionally removed from the top bar. Sometimes I’m in a good flow working with only one hand on the mouse, and I want to flip back and forth with undo/redo to check how a change is looking. This just makes that slightly harder to do and interrupts that flow.

Removing those from the top just makes the tool a harder to use, doesn’t add any value in my opinion. Those are not distracting buttons, very small icons.


What I liked about having Redo & Undo on the top bar was the visual reference as to when there was no more changes to redo or undo.


such a horrible update ; I also dont understand how to make visible classes and layers now at the same time?..anyone knows?


Agreed. As others have mentioned, the visual reference for when there are no new changes was immensely useful, as well as a forward/back for quick compare. Plus one handed trackpad use. I am struggling with this update for numerous reasons (cough UI font size cough). It’s weird because the previous version was almost perfect, clear to read, easy to navigate…


I have made an idea for the wishlist. If you like the undo button to back to the designer please upvote it.
Put back the undo button to the top bar.


I do not miss these as using keyboard shortcuts (macOS) for undo commands + z and redo command + shift + z is in most if not all applications as standard as is e.g. command + c and command + v for copy-paste are much faster than grabbing mouse. For these who use mouse only there is an option in submenu. :person_shrugging:

Yes, this needs to be put back into the top bar. I’ve also been using it regularly for visual reference! And sometimes I’d like to click on them too…


Same. The previous version was 98% flawless, now it is like 68%.

It went from WebFLOW to WebCLOGGED.


Why have the moved it into a toggle menu… Now you can’t press it multiple times easily.

This new update is a headache.


Such a terrible and unnecessary change I vote for this to be reverted.

I agree, this is a terrible choice for the UI.

This is what happens when you scale the product design team, they implement common patterns from other tools but fail to understand the unique workflow of their users and why quick access to undo and redo is critical - especially if undoing/redoing more than one step.

Command Z does not always work consistently depending on your browser and system combination.

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It is not easy to click multiple times!! Every time I need to reopen the menu before I can click the button.

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I was quite frustrated with the webflow Undo & Redo button being moved because of the new webflow designer… it cant be clicked multiple times which makes no sense!

So I rebuilt them and brought them back so you can have the Undo & Redo back at the top right corner like the old designer we all got used too…

You can add this back to your webflow designer too… through my chrome extension I built for the webflow community.

Aidkit for webflow

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The New UI Is really bad. The old Webflow 100X Better. the undo button was very helpful whereas I have trouble seeing Command + Z actually working when designing.

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I couldn’t agree more. Please can we have an optional UI facility and the old UI be one of the options. Also really miss undo and redo!