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Undo button missing

My undo button is missing on the design template. This is the second I purchased and the first was ok, Please advise!

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We recently removed the undo and redo buttons for all users, so it’s not related to the template. To undo you can press CMD+Z on Mac or CTRL+Z on Windows. To Redo press Shift+CMD+Z on Mac and Shift+CTRL+Z on Windows.

Hi @thesergie have the incremental up/down arrows on the input fields gone for good too? (eg width, height font size etc). Just wondering if I need to get used to this or if it’s temporary (as I use them a lot!)…

you can use your keyboard arrows keys instead.

I did not know that, thanks @dapitts08!

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Removing the undo button is a bad idea Webflow.

Now, you can not see if you have made a change - there is no indicator. Most apps have some ‘changed’ indicator or history list.

Why was this change made? No one asked for this change.


True. I also liked the idea that I could see if there even was something to “undo” or not. Now I have to guess and repeatedly use the keyboard hot-key to see if something happens at all.


I use a lot the “undo & redo” buttons and to change them with the keyboard shortcuts it’s not an improvement for the workflow… :worried: in my opinion. I don’t use much keyboard shortcuts.


Absolutely diminishes workflow efficiency … also, flies in the face of Ux best practices. Bad idea … (I am getting tired of the weekend surprises. This is an immature process to be sure … )


Now, you can not see if you have made a change - there is no indicator. Most apps have some ‘changed’ indicator or history list.

We will display a notification that says “Nothing to undo” when an undo is attempted and there’s nothing to undo. That will help with this case. Later on we’ll have a histogram view so you can tell exactly what you are undoing while you’re undoing it.

Webflow will always be evolving and some changes will feel like setbacks to some users.


@thesergie - I am sorry - you have some work to do on Ui interaction in this area. I can back out all changes and your Ui still thinks there are changes and recommends saving those changes that do not exist. Removing useful ui elements that indicate state without warning (and acceptance) will not serve any of us well.

With that said - love the future “histogram view” mentioned above.

TheSergie - a little proactive communication with your customer base will go a long way … Weekend surprises = not good.



This is just about as bad as the email form limitations roll out…

Keyboard shortcuts are good for people who can remember and… stare at a computer all day. Just curious, how do you think novice users will be this recent change? Will they be able to find it easily… or do they have to know to keep typing 15px, 16px, 17px, 18px… SLOWS DOWN DESIGN for us visuals

Can you reverse this or make an option for us to re-enable these?


Webflow - Do you really want your customer base to have to ‘learn keyboard shortcuts’ to use your system. Does that not fly directly in the face of what you market and your brand??? It sure does …


Thanks for the feedback John. In general we will be moving away from really small controls like the input button incrementers since there’s more room for error and it’s generally more time consuming to click the right button. Designers and devs who have used other design software are familiar with these patterns. For novices that haven’t used design software before, they already have so much to learn to be successful in Webflow. For example, these users have to understand how the box models works, how to create layouts with CSS, and many other foreign concepts. We will be making these easier and we’ll be encouraging new users to follow best practices.

Update: it seems that some have misinterpreted my statement. I clarified it in my reply below: Undo button missing

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In this case, however, I am forced to use the keyboard shortcuts that I do not use a lot. The Undo and Redo buttons were perhaps among the most clicked buttons by me.
These keys (or similar) are present in many interfaces-editors, just because globally recognizable and still widely used. I can even force myself to use the keyboard with CMD + Z keys to UNDO, but to REDO, pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Z on Windows is really very uncomfortable. At least CMD + X for the REDO function would be better but I sincerely hope you can rethink about this “update”. Thank you. :wink:


That is quite a statement. I recommend that Webflow reconsider this stance …


Hey Ray, maybe I could have phrased that differently. I didn’t mean to imply that we are trying to make Webflow harder for novices. In fact it’s the opposite. We are working on many initiatives to make novices more successful in Webflow - from adding context-aware tooltips to building a comprehensive text and video course. These resources will guide users to become familiar with important shortcuts for undoing and incrementing. This will especially help new users become more familiar with other software in the space and will help our industry move forward. We are also working on new features that make the hardest part of Webflow (like building custom layout) easier for people new to web design. I hope that’s more clear.

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Thank you for the clerification. I was really worried about that statement

theSerge - I mean no disrespect. I do however think your stance and these recent surprise changes are not best practices and will be missed.

Thanks for reaching back.


Perhaps removing the Undo / Redo buttons made sense to you

  • but it doesn’t make sense to me.

This is prime example of @webflow

  • not communicating with their customer to get their thoughts and opinions.

Removing these buttons is a bad thing.

Please fix the bad things

  • and put the good thing back.

Another example is when you removed the ability to create a folder with an “index slug”.

And now that post is “closed / locked”.

A lot of us are still waiting for you to reinstate that feature.