New Webflow more complicated

Is it me or is the new webflow a mission, like adding a new swatch is so much more complicated, haven’t found out how yet and now I can’t have two editing sites open and I there now no undo?

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undo is command + z redo is command + shift + z other option is use submenu on left side.

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 1.18.13 PM

Hi so undo is fine, I don’t mind using shortcuts.

My issues mostly actually came with the fact that I was updating the colour palette of a site and I was adding new colours. The option where you clicked on the swatch and the palette and eyedropper panel came up and you could add a hex value wasn’t there. So tried to watch videos (which I was guided to through the new interface) but all videos related to old interface. Eventually I copied and pasted colours from another site which I’d be using to experiment with colour and it added the colours that way, but neither site could I add a new colour. While I was working on the site it updated and fixed the issue, I had to sites open and one updated first and then the other later so definitely was missing. The fun part is I lost over 2 hours of time while on deadline.

I was quite frustrated with the webflow Undo & Redo button being moved because of the new webflow designer…

I rebuilt them and brought them back so you can have the Undo & Redo back at the top right corner like the old designer we all got used too…

You can add this back to your webflow designer too… through my chrome extension I built for the webflow community.

Aidkit for webflow