Did the designer UI colors change?

Is it just me or did the designer UI colors change over the weekend?

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Ahah not you, i noticed some changes too (new orange and new blue)

Seems like some other changes as well. I’m note seeing the ↑↓ tick boxes or the undo/redo arrows.

Yes, noticed it too. “Refreshing UI” said @sabanna :slight_smile:
Its funny how our brains automatically detect those small changes like a different orange

where is Undo ?

It’ missing.

I believe they removed it. Have to use the hotkeys now.

ok… Why TF would they do that ?

WHAT !!! )(U)(FU)(&)(&)()(&)*%#^%#

I’ve been working a deliverable due @4pm
and they didn’t tell me about any dern hotkeys.

It’s not like I’m paying for this you know ?

How do get to these hotkeys ?

It’s just your basic undo…

Shift + ? gives you the keyboard shortcuts window.

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ok. thanks.

I normally use a Mac… but this box is a Chromebox.

CTRL+Z didn’t work at first… but I guess I pressing the wrong keys.

Works now.

@webflow - personally I would like the UNDO/REDO icon put back in. Just my opinion.

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Yeah, I have to agree here even though I like using the hotkeys. They must have a good reason to remove it from the UI.

I don’t think they have a ‘good reason’ at all. Bad move Webflow. There are much more in demand change requests to spend time on … No one asked for this change.


I want my up and down keys back!

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