Where did undo go?

The new update hid or removed undo. Where did it go? It’s saved me so many times, I can’t even count… The keyboards shortcut never worked well (it would undo the latest change but couldn’t go back further), so I need the button!


Check the main menu on the top left of the designer. Click the new Webflow logo icon to expand that menu. It is now a child item. Hover shows a hidden burger.

I rebuilt the undo & redo buttons to be at the top of the designer bar one click away as we were used to.
Feel free to add it back to your webflow designer with the new feature from my chrome extension, AidKit for webflow

Demoting the undo and redo buttons behind a submenu is a step backwards in the UX. The new enormous Share button can go in a submenu. Undo and Redo are frequently used core functions that need to be easily reached with a single click.