Editor Mode - No Undo Button

How are other designers handling the lack of the undo button in the Editor with clients?

In general I think the Editor is fine (not great, but fine) - except for this.

This just completely undermines my clients confidence in the ease of the editor because they end up having to come back to me to fix, and then get nervous about making any changes in the future.

Webflow, I love you - but small stuff like this just completely undermines my credibility with clients.

@Mandy_Hopp when webflow removed the undo and redo button I was confused why they would too… I still dont understand why they put it 2 clicks away… anyway if you want it back at the top just 1 click away… I rebuilt a feature in my chrome extension that allows you to bring the buttons back…
here is the link to learn more and install it…

Definitely going to install this - thanks for building it!

But also, you mention they put it 2 clicks away… what/where are those clicks?

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Hey Jessie,

Made this loom to explain

Aha thanks for this! I see what you mean with the undo in the designer.

I think @Mandy_Hopp was asking more about undoing when in the Editor mode - for clients to be able to undo their text or image changes. I’ve been trying to find a solution to this too - it’s pretty embarrassing to tell clients, after I’ve convinced them to switch to Webflow, that they don’t have the ability to undo anything. I think it’s something that’s been on the wishlist for a long time, with no apparent movement…

Ohhh I see, I misunderstood that… I checked and that is something only webflow needs to add. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the editor is, well editable lol. Hopefully they add this in the future, quite a simple and useful feature