Unbounce vs Webflow

Hey guys,

I have an existing website completely built using react, however I’ve been creating landing pages using Unbounce to experiment different approaches and ideas (of course also to create landing pages for certain PPC and SMM ads).

Paying $99/month sucks, specially during covid, so I’m curious how much of what I need I can do easily with Webflow. Here’s a few things I really like about Unbounce that I’d like to do on Webflow:

  1. Add subdomain or subfolder to existing website (I easily created try.domain.com/landing-page… on Unbounce)
  2. Create landing pages and experiment with variations (if this feature isn’t available out of the box I can use Google Optimize, right?)
  3. Create two-step opt-in forms and pop ups to capture leads
  4. Customize mobile / desktop views using drag and drop
  5. Copy and paste pages and content
  6. Speak with support over phone or chat (this has saved me tons of time vs asking on forums and waiting for 24hr email responses)

Last question, can I create a blog as a subfolder domain.com/blog? (would love to not use Wordpress if possible)


Yes, you can do this :slight_smile: one of my recent sites is set up in this way with the client publishing News Articles and Events to seperate subfolders.

Any news or event that the client publishes, will publish automatically under the relevant subfolder.

Thanks Andy. Unfortunately, that was only the least concerning issue at hand

Hope others chime in too :sweat_smile:

Did you ever get a response to this? I am currently looking into switching from unbounce to webflow as well.