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Adding Webflow Blog to existing site: /blog

I have an exisiting website (Angular SPA) hosted on cloudflare.

We currently have our blog hosted on a subdomain with hubspot.

I’d like to rebuild our blog on webflow.

Is it possible to have the webflow hosted blog as rather than on a subdomain?

I do apologise if this exact question has been asked before.

Without a solid understanding of the technical side of this issue, I get a bit lost in talk about subdomain vs subdirectory/subfolder…href prefix etc.



Technically this would be possible, but I would not recommend it due to the complexity and performance issues you will encounter. You would need your server to proxy requests from /blog and its subroutes to the webflow hosted blog.

If you really want your blog to be hosted on Webflow, you could put it on a subdomain like, although this might negatively impact SEO performance because from what I know your blog and website would be ranked separately.

Maybe it’s not the answer you were hoping for, but good luck anyways :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.

A follow up question, in case you have time to answer:

Is this a limitation within webflow?

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of examples where people have wordpress blogs as/ blog on websites with a different host.

Surely it’s a reasonably common use case for websites/SPA’s not already built on a CMS ready platform?

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