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Webflow Vs. Wordpress & Thrive Architect for Marketers - Landing Pages?

Hey guys, so I’ve spent the last 5 months really loving and getting to know Webflow but am sadly leaning toward WordPress for my needs…

I am not trying to become a top designer, rather I am creating an Agency that helps small business advertise on google, facebook, as well as create functional websites and blogs.

My main need is a fast system of templates like ( to create landing pages and squeeze pages that convert prospects for my clients.

I know it takes like 5 minutes to create a squeeze page from scratch… I’m just not that creative haha so I need some seriously simple, high converting templates. Does anyone know of a way to get these in Webflow?

You will need to design a template with reusable sections that you can easily move around, so you can clone the project/page whenever you need to.

I’m not sure if you can get such a template for that, the only ones you can purchase are already listed on the new project page.

Hmmmm… yeah it’s not that there aren’t some great templates. There’s just not a lot of infrastructure built around them. It would be cool if they were organized into pre-planned funnels (multiple pages in a row) or by type of industry. Is there a database that I’m missing where you can find either of these?

Webflow isn’t really built in consideration of such use. It’s more for designers, not online marketers. Although if you can find a suitable template you are free to build on-top of it.

I definitely see it as the future of Web… and taking over WordPress… but unfortunately building pages is like 10% of my business so I can only spend 10% of my time on it.

I’m envisioning squeeze pages with full scroll and hover animations on them… which is not really available in Click Funnels or Word Press themes. But would have to be a turn key solution


If you are interested, I can design you a master template specific for your needs. Then you would be able to copy and paste, change up as needed for future websites.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me via pm or my website.

Teresa :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your offer. I will keep you in mind if I decide to do that.

Get Pinegrow and pick up a components bundle from Creative Tim, then you have all the reusable parts you may ever need. You can always build components in Webflow and export those, as well.

Thanks for the advice William. Forgive my lack of tech knowledge here… what is a bootstrap? It seems Tim’s components are all in Bootstrap. Does that work in Webflow?

I think one of the issues here is that you also can’t setup a quick lead page with form to direct to various urls unless you want to pay for WF hosting. Unless you want to export and add forms back in or possible use a third party form embed. Haven’t tried it though.

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Yes, very good point.

Hi John,

I could surely assist you for your requirement.

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It is premade components of html, css, and javascript, a framework.

You can’t take those components into Webflow.

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