Any way to A/B split test landing pages?

Hi guys,

I am looking to use Webflow as a replacement for Unbounce pages. Unbounce is designed for the creation of landing pages with the added functionality of being able to split test your landing pages. They offer the ability to designate a percentage of traffic to each “variation” of a landing page.

Each variation is then tested and compared by looking at how it converts.

I know I could probably do this manually, by creating several variations manually and then working out how to split my paid traffic up equally among variations. I could then manually count how many leads generated for each variation. Not quite as convenient as Unbounce (where the form submissions are counted automatically on your dashboard) but not such a big problem in either case.

The part I actually need help with is how to get the traffic split up equally among variations. In Unbounce I just allot a certain portion of visitors to each variation. I am guessing now I would need to run some self hosted script or software on my own hosting then automatically splits up traffic among my various variations.

This is a little cumbersome but I am willing to do it. But does anyone know of a software that can help me to this?

To be honest, I know it is straying from what Webflow is trying to achieve here… but if you guys incorporated this in to your existing product, you would essentially have an Unbounce killer. I liked Unbounce but they did not have their mobile responsiveness down pat, where as you guys appear to have mastered it in comparison.

Anyway, let’s see what you guys come up with! :smile:



If someone find a solution to this problem it would be quite awesome!

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It is very easy to do A/B testing on a Webflow site if you use (30 days free, then at least 14 USD per month) - you just add a single line of code on the “Custom Code”-tab of your site then it works!


Hi Thelle, thank you for that. Funnily enough, a day ago I came across the same solution and was going to come here to update.

You know what this means? I no longer have a need for Unbounce… Webflow kills it in terms of mobile responsiveness. Although, Unbounce is easier to create a landing page for complete noobs, so I guess it depends on what people need.

Thanks again!

Hi Chris ( @krzysiek ) - It’s been awhile since your post. We are looking at the very same set up process whereby we are looking at eliminating Unbounce and switching to Webflow for landing pages. I’d be interested in having an offline (or off-webflow) chat with you about your set up. How did you replicate the domain structure, javascript handling, form field validation, multi variate testing, and building any custom integrations. I’m not 100% sure how to privately message each other, but if you could that would be great. Thanks.

OK, I was about to create another topic, but then found this one.

A/B testing has become huge in the last years, and in my personal opinion Webflow has a HUGE opportunity here. How cool would it be to be able to test small things like headlines right in Webflow! Of course, there’s Optimizely, but it’s cumbersome and separate from the web-design process. Just saying…

If Webflow people are reading this, please bring A/B testing into the hands of Designers!!! Pretty please :slight_smile:


Ping on this because I’m curious. @thesergie wants to comment on the pipeline?