Unable to upload a logo

I’m trying to upload a logo (Favicon and webclip). The logo is under 32 x 32 pixel for favicon and 256 x 256 for webclip. Its a png file. But I continuously get an error saying “Make sure your image is 32px by 32px.” and “Make sure your image is 256px by 256px.” Is there a bug in the system ?

Hi @Aniket_Parihar that is not a bug. images has to have EXACTLY size that is given (not smaller or bigger) otherwise they would not be accepted

well said, I also have experienced the same issue while uploading the logo on my site drag click test. Image size should exactly match with the given dimensions. Otherwise cannot able to upload.

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The same the issue here

Solved when you upload on the tab anonymous, it is an issue of cache.