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Image upload stuck on "Uploading..."

I cannot get images to upload. They always get stuck with “Uploading…” text. As shown here:

I checked folder permissions. And I am allowing anyone to read the images, so it seems like the WebFlow designer in Chrome should be able to access the local file. My version of Chrome is on Windows 7 Ultimate, Version 31.0.1650.63 m.

Hey @mganley2000 there may be something up with the image. What’s the name of your file, what file type is it and how big is it?

The filename is logoa-125x25.png
It is a PNG, 1748 bytes. 32 bit depth.
Created using Inkscape. Opens in several other viewers on my own PC without a problem. Seems okay. I also tried the same JPG screen shot I put in my post - out of curiosity, and that gets stuck as well.

Can you please post any errors you are seeing in your Chrome console? (Tools -> JavaScript Console) Thanks!

Good idea. Thanks. Here is what I see in the console.

event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. jquery.js:5374
OPTIONS  webflow.min.c3b36cbe02.js:4
"FileUploadError": "Failed to upload file",

Here are some of the expanded details.

autoUpload: true errorThrown: "" input: " ..." readyState: 4 status: 404 statusText: "error" textStatus: "error" timestamp: 1387403135838 total: 1748 type: "POST" uploadedBytes: 0 url: ""

That URL will not resolve. Either the subdomain is incorrect or down, or it is being blocked ?

I get an XML Access Denied response with that URL using http instead of https. With https, I get a “Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”. Then again, with my quick test in a new tab I am not posting the input parameters, like the key and policy, etc. So, perhaps a connection reset is correct when using https in a new tab.

Very odd. Do you have any browser extensions installed like Ghostery or AdBlock? Sometimes they can block network connections, so wondering if that is the case here. Can you try to see if the same issue occurs if you switch to Incognito Mode (which turns off all extensions)?

Also, have you ever been able to upload images to Webflow or has this started happening recently?

I see this happening to me from time to time. It does not matter if the picture is small or large. I did not check if problem only happens with PNG files or it is common with other formats.

Well, looks like a network or firewall issue. Finally figured out that when I use Webflow on my home network, I am able to upload image files. Fails on two other networks. Must be a firewall in both cases blocking the https requests to the amazon web service endpoint.

So Webflow is off the hook :smile:

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