Favicon sizing difficulties

I used a 32 X 32 Pixel artboard to create my Favicon, but every time I try to upload my Favicon to my Webflow I receive a message saying “Make sure your image is 32 X 32 px.

What’s the best way I can fix the problem I am having ?

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Hi @King

That definitely sounds weird – can you share the file you are trying to upload?

​Thanks in advance!

It wont let me upload the Illustrator file, but here are the screenshot and PNG version. Also is there a specific scale I should be using when exporting the favicon in Illustrator to a PNG?



I dragged your file into photoshop. It’s showing as 64x64
try this oneKG_favicon

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How can I resize it in Illustrator, so the dimensions will be 32 X 32 px when I export it as a PNG

I use “save for web” shift+option+command+S and set the file type and dimensions there. I usually create one artboard at 256 x 256 (for the webclip) and do a save for web. Then do another save for web of that same artboard and resize in the save for web interface. This way you’re only dealing with one artboard in Illustrator.


@Port_of_Folio Thank you for your help! This solved my problem

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