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Unable to connect custom domains

Hi guys, currently running into a really weird problem - my custom domain just won’t connect.

Basically tried all potential options - Using different DNS providers, republish the site/connect domains at Webflow, even setup DNSSEC. It just won’t connect.

Webflow is showing the green mark but I guess it was not “all done”.

Pics regarding DNS settings and Webflow “Hosting” section:

Thanks for the help in advance!

What is held at the Cloud DNS service?

These NS records would be authoritative, right? So do you have the A and CNAME/ANAME records specified at on that DNS service?

Or is this Cloud DNS you’re showing and these NS records are showed for completeness?

Are your MX records working ok?

Hi there,

These NS records are automactially set up by Cloudns. Those 2 A records are provided by Webflow as well as the CNAME record.

MX records are working perfectly well.


This is a redirect issue.

Check your 301 redirects in Webflow - if there is nothing there, then this will potentially be due to the NS records being present. I have a feeling these are causing a loop.

Do you have custom name servers specified for the domain? As in, and not the CloudDNS ones? I suspect that just removing the NS records will solve the problem, but take a note of those settings just in case :wink:

… also worth checking if any redirects are being handled at CloudDNS too.

It’s looping from root to www to root etc.

Quick update:
Deleted these NS records and set as default solves the problem!
Thanks for the help.