I cannot get my custom domain to connect without issues and publish!

Okay, So I had my domain assigned with Bluehost. I had them unassign it and it was registered with GoDaddy. I purchased the hosting plan on Webflow and tried to get the custom domain set up, but I cannot get it to publish to the custom domain. I have entered the domain name in the space and updated the A records and CNAME records in my DNS on GoDaddy. However, it keeps saying issue detected on Webflow and giving me a DNSSEC error code and the published page just keeps showing 404 errors. Please help! I really want to get this site launched.

Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK][1]

Maybee you should include screenshot of your DNS and screenshoot of the webflow domain part too.

Most of the time it’s because you don’t delete something in the DNS of the registrar. This could include some TXT records sometimes.

Copy all before deleting.