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Transferring client emails from same email, different hosting platform

I have a client who’s website and email service was provided by the same company. They will now be hosting both website (Webflow) and email (Bluehost) with me.

How can I:

1. Make sure they retain their account names

I imagine the old company would have to delete the email accounts, and I would have to recreate them, but would appreciate any advice/info/correction from someone with experience.

2. Make sure they retain their emails

( has emails dating back to 2014)
Again, I imagine I would simply instruct them to export all the emails from Outlook and then… reinsert them after? Or how would this work?

Appreciate any thoughts/advice!

Forcing a business to do this would be a last resort, in my opinion. You should consider helping them migrate to a mail service provider that has the ability to migrate accounts. Bluehost offers the most basic mailboxes features only, since they don’t charge for mailboxes. You get what you pay for.

I ended up rolling out a hosted email solution that does this, along with delegated access, and many other business features for this exact reason.

If you screw up business users mailboxes, you can completely ruin your relationship with the customer. Even possibly get sued. Just sayin.

Noted. Will keep that in mind.

Anyone else?