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Hi Webflowers,

Just after some advice on hosting. I have a new client who is with another web design agency, he has 5 email addressed and an established website which I am about to redesign in Webflow.

So just wondering what people do in that situation? Should I transfer him over to my hosting provider or get the other web design agency to give him the login details for their hosting provider and continue hosting with whoever they use but register it in his name?

Any help appreciated, Cheers

If it works already, don’t touche anything. mails and web are 2 different things. Only set the domain to point to the new WF website, if you don’t remove extra declarations and don’t mess the domain settings, emails will continue to work and the domain.extension and www.domain.extension will point to the site.

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Thanks @vincent thats what I thought, would it be best if they just transfer the hosting account over to him? I’m always unsure where I stand in these situations!

Simple. Either you know your way with registrars configurations, either you don’t. For the former, you do it and invoice it, with the latter, you especially say that you won’t touch it, and only give in an email the config details that Webflow has prepared for you in your site dashboard, and ask the client to do it or to tell their sysadmin to do it.

Also, Webflow has a great article, linked from dashbord, called 'how to mke a sysdmin make the setup for you or something like this.

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