Web hosting and Email hosting questions

Hi Everyone,

I have been struggling with a couple of concepts in regards to hosting and email providers and was wondering if anyone here could help me out. I will try and write out different areas where I’m just lost.

So all of these questions relate to redesigning/modernising a clients website. I want to move them from their current host to Webflow. I want to design from the ground up, meaning that I don’t want their old design but may use some of their old text content. I also have watched the Webflow video on connecting a custom domain.

1. Domain
Do I need access to my Clients domain registrar to point their domain to Webflow (is there anything else here that will need to be done)

2. Old Hosting provider
Do I need access to my Client’s old hosting provider to take a backup of the old site and to terminate the old hosting (once 301 redirects are set up ) when I’m ready to

3. Email ( I have 3 different scenarios for this :grin: )

3a) Scenario 1
Email is currently hosted on a domain registrar that is separate from the Client’s web hosting.

Do I need to log in and update the MX record to point to Webflow? Or what needs to be done here?

3b) Scenario 2
Email accounts are hosted with a third party (such as Microsoft 365 or G-Suite).

Does anything need to be done in this instance? Does the third party email need to be correctly pointing to Webflow?

3c) Scenario 3
Email accounts are hosted with the old web host

I’m thinking here that as soon as I terminate the old hosting provider the email will also be terminated? Or do I need to tell them that I want to keep the email and just lose the web hosting? If so will I then need to point the MX records to the new Webflow site?

As you can see there are big gaps in my knowledge here. I know that was a bit of a mouthful but if anyone has any tips, suggestions, answer or even learning resources like books that I can learn about this stuff I would be very grateful, like I was saying I haven’t been able to find much information regarding my questions.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I suggest you stay out of the fray and not take responsibility for DNS adds / changes since mistakes on your part could interrupt critical services. Someone already set DNS up so defer to them. Webflow has documented the process to set up DNS for sites hosted on Webflow. Provide the client with links to that. Let an experienced sysadmin do the implementation DNS / hosting migration.

Note: Webflow provides only provides hosting for Webflow project sites, no email service is provided and no changes that affect email hosting should be made.