Transfer Domain Between Webflow Sites

Hey everyone — could really use some help here.

My client has a Webflow site that is published and currently using the custom domain This site is on a personal account, though, and we have recently redesigned a new site on a teams account (read only link here: Webflow - Careerlist 3.01). If we disconnect the domain from the current Careerlist site and connect it to the new site, will we lose anything like email? Wondering if there is an easier way to transfer the domain between separate Webflow projects.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

@ashmath34 what host have you got your email set up with? It shouldn’t be linked to your website at all most of the time. At least not when you’re on webflow :slight_smile: .

@sarahfrison The email account is actually set up through Gmail! So my gut says all their email should stay intact if we disconnect the domain from that site and then reconnect it to a team project. Let me know if my logic isn’t sound. :sweat_smile: My other concern, though, is that there are a few subdomains that are associated with the current domain (ex: Careerlist) and I’m not sure if switching over the domain to a new site will affect these?