Safely switch from SiteGround to WebFlow

Hello all,

I currently have a website and domain through SiteGround. I’m trying to switch from the website being hosted on SiteGround to a new one created and hosted through Webflow. I’m unsure how to do this, since the domain was bought through SiteGround. Furthermore, there are some Google Workspace emails for a team of 6 that are using the domain bought on Siteground. How can I transfer from Siteground to Webflow while also maintaining that the domains would still work?

Thank you.

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Follow the instructions for setting up a custom domain in the University for starters.

RE: Emails - Webflow does not offer mail services. I suggest that you keep your mail server settings as is. It is common for domain entries to point to different service providers as needed. If there are changes you need to make that potentially affect mail services contact Siteground for assistance.

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