Swapping websites

Hey, so I have been developing a replacement site for my current one and am now ready to swap them out, but I’m not really sure how to make the swap to get my URLS pointing at the new project (this would also include the sites hosting too). Can anyone direct me where to find out how to do this?

You need to provide more information.

Are you using a new domain or new sub domain?

Are you using the same paths for all the content or new paths?

That would help define the scope so your question could easily be answered.

@webdev This is for a domain (2 actually) and website I already have.

I’m not sure what you mean by path. I have my site hosted through webflow. I have developed a new project to replace the current site that has my domains. I’m uncertain how to get the domains to stop pointing to my current build, and to instead have them point at my new project.

Please let me know if that clarified anything.

Still not totally clear for me. Confused by “domains”.

"replace the current site that has my domains. "

BTW: “path” would refer to the path component of a URL. In the following URL that would be “/wiki/URL”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL

Maybe this is your scenario?

Example A site (on webflow) has examplea.com and www.examplea.com connected in hosting with DNS pointing to the cname provided by webflow.

Example B Site (also on webflow) has exampleb.com and www.exampleb.com connected in hosting with DNS pointing to the cname provided by webflow.

You wish to have exampleb.com content to display on examplea.com permanently.

If this is your scenario, then disconnect examplea.com from the examplea.com project in hosting by trashing it and then add the custom domain for exampleb.com to that project’s hosting. You would need to remove exampleb.com’s custom domain in the exampleb.com project hosting panel if it exists since you can’t have two projects with the same custom domain name. You could easily reverse these instructions as needed.

If this was not your scenario and I’m out in the weeds, then give me more information, so I don’t get lost. :wink:

If I understand your situation correctly, should be really simple :slight_smile:
Check out the Webflow university resources on this topic here!


Otherwise follow these steps:

Right now you have your current site and New Site on Webflow.
Delete the domain from your current site, locate the domain under settings - hosting and delete.

Locate your NEW website design in the dashboard. Hit settings then go to hosting again. Simply type your domain name in under the hosting settings under the new website.

Now, Webflow will automatically tell you if you need to change the A record/CNAME alias.

Simply log-in to your DNS settings wherever you have bought your domain, update the settings as specified by Webflow. Go back to your site, check that the domain has a green check mark and Webflow says your ready to go. Then go ahead and publish your site!

If you are using GoDaddy, Webflow will automatically handle the DNS settings, and the process is even easier.


If you get stuck, feel free to send me a PM.

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@Scott_Van_Zandt, @webdev I guess I might be asking the wrong question, because adding a custom domain seems easy, but what I need is the ability to add that.

On my current hosted site everything is set up all good with its hosting through webflows hosting service.

But on my new project when I go to add them I cant seem to. It seems like I need to move the hosting before I can swap the paths (domains; sorry I don’t know the terminology.)

Does this make it any clearer?

Yes, as far as I’m aware you’re correct- there is currently no way to “move” hosting from one site to another within WebFlow, although potentially the support team can do something behind the scenes to make that possible(?).

Here’s the approach I follow, if you discover any improvements, let me know.

  1. Setup hosting on the new site, re-enter your client’s credit card # etc.
  2. Establish any redirect paths you need, if your site design as changed. For example, if your old website had a page at the path /about-us, and your new site has that same content at /about, you can setup a redirect for that, once hosting is active.
  3. Do all of the rest of your config, like setting up Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels, etc. whatever you need, as the site’s about to go live to the world.

Up to this point, you can muck around and test, because the world is still seeing your old site.

Once you are ready, at a time when it will minimally interrupt your website users, you’ll move the domain names over to the new site.

  1. Delete each domain name from the hosting configuration on your old site
  2. Add each domain name to the hosting configuration on your new site

This should have minimal interruption, since your domain name DNS’s are already configured to point at WebFlow’s servers. You’ll just have the brief outage between when you delete the names on one site, and add them to the other.

  1. Verify everything is good
  2. Cancel hosting on your old site

@memetican your absolutely right. When I went to go contact the support team I found they had a category specifically about this; though it looks like they plan to make it easier in future which is good.

Question answered I guess. Thanks!

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Why not just copy/paste everything from the redesign project into the current project? Then just set the new home page, delete all of the old content, and publish.

@Cricitem Time mainly; I would also have to redo all the CMS as well as the basic CSS styling. Setting up the new hosting and sending them a message to refund and or add the remaining time from my hosting onto my new site seems easier if slightly inconvenient.

You can export/import CMS items. Not sure why you’d need to redo the CSS styling, as that w(sh)ould be copied over along with everything else.

I’m just making sure that you understand you can copy each section in its entirety and paste it into the page on your new project and everything will come over including classes, styles, interactions, etc. I’m not talking about copy/pasting text and images.

Hi there,

My question links off this initial, thread. I had a digital media company design my original website (which was terrible), so i’ve since gone ahead and taught myself how to use webflow. I’m ready to publish it, however don’t know what I need to do to have my new website live instead of the old website. Do i need to find out where the old website is being hosted and contact the digital media company?


Yes you will need to have access to the domain name for your site. Webflow will be your hosting but you need to point your domain name to webflow hosting. For instance if you have your domain on godaddy, you’d need to set up the domain at godaddy to your webflow hosting. So you would need the login information for whatever your domain name is.

Your domain name is your car and your hosting is a parking spot for it. You can move your car to any parking spot you wish, in this case Webflow.

hope that helps.


Thanks Jeremy! I loved the little analogy, it helps for non coders like me

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Did anyone ever find a solution for this? I’m in a similar situation. It’s extremely simple; has nothing to do with domain names.

We have a web-flow site, we want to swap the new site onto it; any ideas?

Oliver did you get this sorted it seems incredibly simple. Wherever the domain is needs to have the DNS to point to webflow, and on webflow end the custom domain needs to be inputted just like the original. The population can take up to 24 hrs though depending on domain service.

jblerrous, this issue is nothing to do with domain names; you replied without reading.
We have a paid project with loads of CMS content, A. We have a webflow template that we used on free project B, we want to transfer B -> A, once again; nothing to do with domain names.

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Cancel hosting on the first site, add hosting to the second. Set your custom to point to the second (the new site).

Like Oliver Dixon, I wanted to do the same thing by swapping my current live website with another site project that I currently have. I deleted the domain on my live site. It still doesn’t give me an option to make my new project go live by adding a domain. I canceled the hosting. It asked me to sign up for hosting again, possibly renewing my hosting plan??? Is there a more updated method to this?