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Transferring project with hosting to another account

We have an ecommerce site with hosting and the client would like us to transfer the account to their own account so they have full Designer control, etc.

I’ve found the videos on this process slightly lacking.

What’s the best way to minimise downtime, and will the CNAME records need adding to their DNS host again after the transfer, or do they stay the same?

Here’s my understanding:

  1. The client sets up a Webflow account.
  2. We duplicate the project our end, then transfer it to the email address that the client created their Webflow account with.
  3. The site is now offline? As the client has yet to add the Site Plan/Billing/Custom Domain?

Yes. The site is offline + Also all Form Submissions history (Download CSV) + Version history not transfer.

In general, there is some “risky” time (When you want to connect the domain) - It is best to do this while the site with the least traffic + Do not disable “old” domain until you got access for everything required on a part to connect a domain.

Thanks. It seems like the best method is to duplicate it and then transfer the original rather than the duplicate.

Advisable path in my opinion.

Just to clarify, this is the button I need to click before I transfer it (the original project) to the new owner, yes?

See this university topic. Transfer hosting between projects | Webflow University

Note to others: form submission settings don’t get transferred across when you transfer a project to a new owner, even if it’s the original project you’ve transferred. Haven’t seen this mentioned in any of the documentation. Client had a broken form for two days due to the reCaptcha keys not being transferred over.