Transfer built site to client w' CMS - doable?

Hi, I’ve built a site for my client, and he has bought into going the webflow CMS route instead of good ole’ Wordpress

I’ve just purchased the CMS, I’m on my first month.

But I realize that some things like Nav hyperlinks and different stuff can’t be editable to the client, so he is willing to learn webflow a bit, so the Job I’m wanting to do is

  1. Transfer the site to him [ this will make me jump to the professional plan as I’m on the personal and will jump to the professional plan ]
  2. Transfer the CMS package that I just bought into, so it is bundled to him and his new webflow account.

My question is…?
3. Will I still be able to go in and do some edits if he wants, or is that type of functionality not in my tier or his basic tier? Would this collaboration only be possible in the team tier?

A workaround that I’ve managed to do, with trust, is to share my password with my developer who goes in and changes things that are out of my skillset. So, granted he feels comfortable, I can always go into his account and tweak some design aspects outside of the basic CMS.

Can he get away without buying the personal package and just have the free 1 website package? The Only drawback I see is that I’d have to teach him how to take out the ‘webflow’ branding in the code on export.

Anyone else have this same task / job they are trying to do?