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What happens to a clients CMS plan if the designer or agency cancels their design plan?

I am building a website for a client, who wants to have the CMS ability. I am pretty sure that the CMS-feature is only available if you are paying for the designer plan, however, I don’t want to be bonded to pay for the designer subscription, if I in the future decide to quit design.

My question is: How can designers offer CMS to their clients without being bonded to pay for the design subscription in the future?

Transfer the site to them once built and paid for. They only need a hosting account for the site. Or, have them get a hosting plan and share the account login with you. When your done, they could change the password and be the gatekeeper.

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Thank you for your help!

I just checked out the plans offered by Webflow, and I’m not sure my client is able to have the CMS/hosting plan, without paying for the account/desginers plan. Is that right?