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Move site to client's own account?

We are looking for a new solution for building sites quick and clean and Webflow is looking great! We need to be able to create sites in our account then move them a new account with CMS that the client owns. We prefer that the billing is done directly to our clients and that we only help when needed. Is this what is possible with the Professional Plan?

If moving the site to the personal plan with CMS will anything be lost or any Webflow branding be added to the site?

Really hoping that this can work for us. Thank you.

Yes you can transfer a CMS site to another account. Then domains must be relinked and you’re asked to pay at the same step than when you developped the original copy. Note than the site is really transferred, if you didn’t duplicate it, you’re left without a copy.

So I guess that’s your solution to avoid dealing with the billing of the CMS hosting.

Something you should know: Webflow seems to be actually testing a system to handle clients invoicing. They’d invoice clients for you… and that’s all I know because I didn’t subscribe to the beta.

All the datas, yes. For the branding… no, but I don’t really see what could be added?

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