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Webflow site that allows easy client edits

I have a hand-ons client who would like to be able to make changes and updates to a website built through Webflow. I’ve seen posts about converting Webflow websites to WordPress, but I’d rather keep it in the Webflow structure (and hosting). Short of teaching them how to make changes in Webflow, is there another option that makes sense?


The easiest out of the box solution for this currently, that I have found, is to have a Professional plan and use that to transfer the site to your clients own account.

You can then direct them to the help and tutorials section on Webflow.

You can also consider charging for one on one training. I have had a lot of success with this approach.

Hope this gives your some ideas :smile:

Thanks @AlexN.
Would the client have to have a Professional Plan as well, or can they use a free one?

They would need to have at least a micro plan so they can have access to edit more than 2 pages.

OK. Thanks @PixelGeek. If I did it this way (built for them and transferred so that they could edit), would I still have the ability to make edits as well?

Once transferred, you’ll need their credentials to their Webflow account to make edits.

And eventually we’ll have a even more superior option


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