How do I transfer a website to a client?

My firm has been utilizing WordPress for all of our client’s standard website projects. Now we are looking into a new and more intuitive way of developing and deploying these particular websites, which lead us to webflow. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear perspective of how this workflow would be processed. Hence the questions:

  1. Once we completed the development of a website, how exactly do we transfer it over to our client?
  2. What type of account would our client require, in order to utilize the webflow CMS?
  3. What would our client need to do, in order to accept the transfer and allow us to complete the configuration (e.g. adding the proper domain name)?

Thank you in advance.

Hello and welcome to Webflow!

  1. With the new CMS, you don’t exactly transfer a website over to a client. Instead you grant them access to edit the site while it is hosted on Webflow’s servers. This is done by adding a user within the dashboard, the client then creates their own password and can edit any CMS enabled content.
  2. They wouldn’t require an account at all, you would need a webflow account and you would charge them for hosting on webflow.
  3. They will simply get an email to create a password and edit the site, simple as that. To add the domain, you just add it in the dashboard for the site. The Domain must be purchased elsewhere though.

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